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No one should ever be this excited when taking a mugshot, but keep in mind that this woman's drunken actions are what got her arrested in the first place.

According to WHAS 11, 29-year-old Sandra Grohman was arrested in Humble, Texas on Apr. 22 for allegedly being so wasted that she stumbled and knocked the stroller carrying her one-month-old over, causing the baby to fall out onto a busy street in the process. The spectacle was witnessed by a passerby who, in turn, called 911. 

Grohman was arrested and sentenced to 180 days in jail after pleading guilty to endangering a child. Though she'll be spending the summer in jail and Children's Protective Service took her child, she still found time between her arrest and the sobering up period for fun.

The thrill presumably wore off quickly.

[via WHAS 11]

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