If you logged onto the Internet at all yesterday, even for a moment, it's likely you were presented with photos of the seldom seen Kardashian sibling, Rob Kardashian, at LAX airport with Kris Jenner, heading to Paris in preparation for sister Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding to Kanye West. Unfortunately, since the Internet is full of trolls that like to kick anyone—especially over-privileged celebrities—when they're down, most of the comments centered around Rob's noticeable weight gain, and not in a positive way. Daily Mail, Us Weekly, TMZ...all covered the story, with (mostly) offensive headlines.

Now, a day later, Rob took to his Twitter to fire back at the commenters once and for all:

Gotta admit: he's right. He's an adult, and anyone criticizing his weight is really just participating in the terrible practice of fat-shaming. 

What do you think of the criticisms? Sound off in the comments.

[via TMZ]