Rotten Tomatoes score: No consensus (5 reviews, all rotten)

"Now The Big Green is here, and guess what? It's not half as good as the trailer promised it would be. Oh, the kiddies will love it, because it's one of those genre movies that push all their buttons. But parental escorts will see it for the forced, derivative thing it is." —William Powers, The Washington Post

Harsh words from William Powers, but The Big Green does, in fact, deserve such harsh criticism. A retread of a retread, the aim of The Big Green was to do for soccer what The Mighty Ducks did for ice hockey. Just when you thought a sports movie couldn't be any more by the numbers, the characters any more one-dimensional, the plot less compelling, The Big Green came along and lowered the bar. The only bright spots of the film are the obligatory "kid gets hit in the nuts with a soccer ball" moments which evoke some of the best aspects of America's Funniest Home Videos.