Memorial Day Weekend is a dish best served Vegas style. For years, Las Vegas has brought out the big guns on Memorial Day Weekend to bring us top performing musical acts, pool parties, nightclub experiences and more. This Memorial Day Weekend is no different.

With the highly anticipated comedy Think Like a Man Too about to hit the theaters on June 20, we thought we should enjoy some fun in Las Vegas before we see the cast do so. In partnership with the exclusive Chateau Nightclub of the Paris HotelThink Like a Man Too and Complex are throwing a can't-miss party on Saturday, May 24, to celebrate the movie. With our host Karen Civil, surprise musical guests, guaranteed booming sound and more, you can be sure to let loose and have a better time than anyone else stumbling down the strip that weekend.

For more information, check out and RSVP right away before the list is closed. And make sure to check out Think Like a Man Too in theaters Friday, June 20. You will not want to miss either!