Dark Souls II's presence may still be that of a freshly-slain hollow in the wastes of Drangleic, but it appears that From Software might be readying a new Souls-esque game, and from the looks of it, it could well be a PS4 exclusive. Screens of the so-called Project Beast surfaced online yesterday via Neogaf, depicting a very Soulsian world of wrought-iron portcullis, ragged-armored warriors and mangy dogs, not to mention a character going through what looks like a very nicely-rendered gate of swirling white fog.

Though little is known about the game (which hasn't even been announced in any sort of official capacity despite the presence of a Project Beast logo screen among the shots posted), there was a rumor around PS4's launch that From Software might be showing off Demon's Souls 2 or some sort of spiritual successor. The news of the alleged Project Beast also comes just days after the developer was bought by Kadokawa Games.

"With a new system, from this point on, I believe we'll be able to make newer and more in depth games," FromSoft head Naotoshi Zin said at the time. (Interestingly, From also said that Dark Souls II's engine had been built from the ground up for next-gen not long after its reveal.)

Is Project Beast real? Most likely. Leaks within the industry rarely prove inaccurate when accompanied by screens, and these screens definitely have the certain Souls vibe that's come to define the art direction of the series. Is is Demon's Souls 2? Is Hidetaka Miyazaki heading up the project? Is is a PS4 exclusive? Are those shotguns in the game?

Those questions will have to be answered another day. Keep it here for more info as it develops.

[Via Neogaf