In a strange turn of events. The electronics manufacturer and one-time console maker Philips, is attempting to have the Wii U banned from sale in the U.S. By claiming the ailing Nintendo console infringes on the company's patents.

Philips alleges that Nintendo copied its technologies that let players physical movements be replicated in game. Such as pointing the Wii Remote.

"Philips has engaged in the field of applied electronics and has conducted research in areas relating to visual representation of spatial processes and to automatic processes," the lawsuit reads.

"The present patents-in-suit stem from these fields of research and development and claims protection for an interactive system for which a user can remotely control devices in an intuitive manner. Such intuitive remote control mechanisms are used in present-day home video game consoles."

Philips says it notified Nintendo of both of its patents against pointy things back in November and December of 2011. As such Philips wants a trail to ban the sale of the Wii U, plus damages.

What is Nintendo to do? In case you've forgotten, Nintendo and Philips at one time worked together after a Nintendo and Sony partnership fell apart to create a CD based console (which later became the PlayStation). Philips released the CD-i later which featured Nintendo games.

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[via Eurogamer]