Two parents have filed a lawsuit against a trio of Connecticut high school teachers, claiming that they were responsible for initiating their three daughters into a disturbing cult. 

The lawsuit alleges that Avon High School Spanish teachers Rebecca KesslerChristopher Esposito, Tanya Mastoloni, and guidance counselor Laura Sullivan introduced their daughters to a cult that supported "martyrdom and [celebrated] death":

They lost their humor and their empathy. They began speaking in a bizarre new language. They became unable to think critically or independently. They became dependent on the school teachers and guidance counselor who had indoctrinated them," the suit reads. "All three girls experienced sudden and severe personality changes. They became flat and distant, reclusive, secretive, and non-communicative.

Furthermore, the suit claims that the two oldest daughtersnow 22 and 19-years-old, respectivelybecame prone to suicidal dreams as a result of their association with the cult. Gothamist adds that the suit also names both the school system and Wellesley College, claiming that very little was done to prohibit contact between the girls and the accused Avon High School staff post-graduation.

[via Gothamist]

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