Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, currently halting his re-election campaign with a much-needed trip to rehab, has a new challenger: Porn star Nikki Benz. With a whip-smart campaign slogan like "Trade in your Ford for a Benz," she seems eager to give the incumbent a run for his money. 

Benz, who grew up in Etobicoke not too far from the Ford brothers, was at Toronto's City Hall this afternoon to officially enter the race. However, the starlet, who currently resides in L.A., experienced what the Toronto Sun called "paperwork issues." The Sun notes that it wasn't immediately clear if she would be back with the proper paperwork.

Though she wants to turn National Masturbation Day into a civic holiday (isn't every day National Masturbation Day, and, therefore, a holiday?), don't let Benz's career history fool you. Sure, she's appeared in upwards of 200 adult films, but she also has serious initiatives, like bolstering the city's public transportation system and lowering property taxes. 

She also believes that the adult film industry would help stimulate the city's economy, an argument that some might agree with, but others will obviously object to. 

One thing is for certain: Depending on whether or not she can dodge the red tape that tripped her up today, Benz's entry into the mayoral race simply adds another interesting layer to what's already guaranteed to be a shit show later this year. The whole world is watching.

[via Gawker and Toronto Sun]

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