Is Nicki Minaj one of the most prolific female rappers of all time? Without question.

Has she at various points in her career looked like the final boss in Dance Dance Revolution? Obviously. But it's 2014 and Nicki is on some next level reboot steeze. Gone are the neon extensions, fluorescent body armor, and Harajuku Barbie schtick which were coming close to outshining her skills as a lyricist.

Yes, 2014 is all about Nicki au naturel and turning the focus back on her abilities as a writer and rapper. With Nicki's forthcoming The Pink Print, we're excited to see where she heads next. Her latest single, "Pills N Potions" proves that she's leaving her Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball persona behind and embracing a more organic, re-branded incarnation of herself. 

Still, she did manage to look like a video game character more than once in the past half decade. Here's the proof.

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