Summer camp is back in session. Well, maybe. According to Variety, Netflix is in talks with Wet Hot American Summer executive producers David Wain and Michael Showalter to bring the 2001 cult classic to the small screen.

The WHAS TV series will reportedly be a 10-episode prequel that would attempt to reunite many of the original cast as high school kids. Yes, most of them—i.e. Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Janeane Garofalo, Ken Marino, to name a few—are over the hill. Considering most of the cast are also superstars with crazy schedules—oh hey, Bradley Cooper—the plan would be to have the actors film their scenes in a matter of days, meaning each character won't be featured in every episode. Whatever it takes to get the gang back together!

Of course, this is another rumor that's followed string of sequel/prequel rumors that started in 2011, when Wain mentioned he wanted to shoot a new prequel teaser for a rerelease of the WHAS DVD on its 10th anniversary. Universal rejected his request. 

Here's hoping this project doesn't get shut down either.

[via Variety

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