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If you have Netflix, you know how annoying that grid of recommended titles can be, mostly because you have no interest in 95 percent of the stuff on there.

Well, Netflix has heard you.

In a talk on Monday at Internet Week in New York City, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt discussed improvements being made to the streaming service’s navigation layout. Gone will be the endless lines of movies and TV shows, and in its place will be a three or four choice list of programming Netflix is positive you will enjoy.

This “powerful possibility” would undoubtedly improve the user experience, but it still doesn’t address one of Netflix’s main issues: the lack of popular movies available to stream. It would seem that a key to getting this type of refined, highly-personalized recommendations would be for Netflix users to view a ton of content on the service, creating a larger sample size and honing in on the “right” selections.

However, if they don’t have enough programming people want to watch, it’s going to make it hard to turn this vision into a reality.

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[via UPROXX]