Attorneys for NBC News will push for a Florida circuit court to throw out the lawsuit filed by George Zimmerman in 2012. 

As theWashington Post reports, the suit alleges that the network doctored the tapes to made it sound as if Zimmerman came right out and said he followed Trayvon Martin the night he shot and killed the teenager in February 2012, when a 911 dispatcher had actually asked him if the 17-year-old was "white, black or Hispanic." Furthermore, the suit claims that NBC deliberately reported that a "racial epithet" escaped Zimmerman's mouth during the call. 

The Post points to a series of reasons NBC identifies as reasons the case should be dismissed, primarily the argument that he can't prove that what NBC did actually had a negative effect on him: 

The argument here is that Zimmerman cannot possibly tease out the NBC broadcasts as the source of any identifiable damages. “The undisputed record evidence reveals a virtual firestorm of negative publicity directed at Zimmerman well before the first broadcast at issue here – including accusations from several quarters that he killed Martin after profiling him because of the color of his skin and demands that he be charged with murder as a result,” reads the NBC document.

The case was delayed for roughly a year in light of Zimmerman's criminal trial. He was acquitted of second-degree murder last July.

[via Washington Post]

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