Start saying goodbye to the crew from Pawnee, Indiana. 

NBC got the jump on the other networks this morning by being the first to announce its 2014-2015 fall lineup which includes the final seasons of sitcoms Parks and Recreation and Parenthood

Or as the overconfident mid-level city official Tom Haverford would put it: 

Of course it could have been worse. Parks and Rec could have been canceled like Community, which isn't even getting a proper goodbye season. The end of Parks and Rec and Parenthood is basically the end for NBC's long-running Thursday night comedy block, once the legendary "must see TV" home of the Seinfeld-Friends powerhouse.

The network plans to move its breakout success The Blacklist to Thursdays at 9 p.m. 

Other notable items in NBC's announcement: 

- DC Comics-based series Constantine will premiere in the fall, airing Fridays at 10 p.m. after Grimm

- David Duchovny (Californication) stars in the Charles Manson drama Aquarius, which will premiere midseason, though it doesn't have a time slot yet.

-Heroes Reborn, a single-season revival of the now-defunct superhero series Heroes, will premiere midseason

-Katherine Heigl will return to prime time in the thriller State of Affairs, which will get the post-The Voice slot on Mondays. 

-The new sitcom by the creator of Happy Endings titled Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, starring Ellie Kemper from The Office (she played Erin) will premiere, and air Tuesdays after The Voice.

 [Via EW]