It's widely known that Indiana Pacers Roy Hibbert is not faring well on the court this 2014 NBA Playoff season.

After Hibbert put up zero points and zero rebounds during the Pacers' loss to the Wizards in Game 1, the Internet mercilessly ethered the beleaguered Center.

Gilbert Arenas was particularly outspoken about Hibbert's performance. As the Pacers head into their next Playoff match this weekend, we thought we'd take the time to see if Arenas could back up all that shit he was talking.

Considering we can't force a one-on-one between the two in real life, we did the next best thing: Made them duke it out in NBA 2K14.

 Hibbert turns things physical.

Arenas, looking like he's heading to a business casual halfway house, keeps up the spirited exchange by fouling Hibbert.

Trying not to be completely distracted by the product placemet, Arenas ignored the all consuming Sprite banners and kept up the pressure.

Scoring 20, Hibbert silences Arenas with a flourish. Now if only Hibbert can squash the slander in real life and come up like a champ.

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