Ready to shift your attention away from television and focus on summer movie blockbusters? Well, sorry, friend, but TV’s overall intrigue isn’t about to slow down anytime soon.

Just as folks say goodbye to Mad Men until next year and mentally prepare to do the same with Game of Thrones in three weeks, your favorite networks are set to roll out a large crop of popular veteran shows and intriguing newcomers. On the sadder front, next month kicks off the final season of HBO’s True Blood, and in August, all 12 of you who still love The Killing will have to accept that Netflix has only rescued it for one more shortened season. It’s not all gloom and teary farewells, though. In addition to returning social media staples Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf, there’s the premiere of Disney’s Boy Meets World sequel/spinoff Girl Meets World, the long-awaited unveiling of HBO’s The Leftovers, and more Orange Is the New Black.

And that’s just to name a few of television’s buzziest events this hot weather season. For a complete breakdown of the reasons why your beach time is about to be truncated, here are The Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Summer.

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