If you've lived in New York for more than a year and haven't heard about Rooftop Films' Summer Series, you're slipping. Every year from May through August, Rooftop Films kicks off a summer-long film festival that showcases some of the most promising, the most bizarre, and the most inspiring new independent movies. It's an event unlike any other. What sets it apart from the dozens of film festivals nationwide is its unique approach to screening its films. Rather than packing audiences into stuffy theaters, the folks at Rooftop plan events inspired by each movie, like inviting an all-girl rock group to perform at this year's screening of We Are The Best. "I'd get bored if we showed conventional films with any regularity in a conventional way," says Rooftop's program director Dan Nuxoll.

The Summer Series kicks off this Friday, with its annual This Is What We Mean By Short Films party. But if you can't make that, surely you can make one of Rooftop's exceptional screenings. Might we suggest Five Star or The One I Love? Two of the best movies we recently got to check out at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

Just like last year, Rooftop's lineup is packed with incredible films we can't wait to see. Complex got a chance to speak with Nuxoll about our 10 most anticipated movies at this year's Rooftop Films Summer Series.

As told to Tara Aquino (@t_akino)

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