The world of Metro 2033 is bleak. So bleak, in fact, that the slogan on the back of the original 360 release's case says something to the effect of "Enter a world of unrelenting despair". Fun stuff, maybe, but mood is paramount to the success of the ethereal and often otherworldly 2033, which uses your ammunition as currency and forces you to wear a gasmask (with depletable O2 catridges) through several parts of the game. Comparatively few people played. Now the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC alongside its sequel Metro: Last Light, as a newly redux'ed port complete with upped visuals and other improvements.

I didn't like the so-so Last Light much, thinking it traded in too much of the original's oppressive and often ambiguous Eastern European narrative for something that felt a little too much like an atmospheric Call of Duty, but Metro Redux is being called a director's cut, and one that goes over the whole series for consistency, so perhaps this version will be better (the original Last Light isn't a bad game, by any means – just one that feels somewhat tonally inconsistent and disappointing after 2033). Evidently the newly-minted 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux will be available separately as well as a set with both games. 

Either way: if you play these games in English instead of choosing the optional Russian language track with subtitles, you're doing it wrong. Metro Redux will be out later this summer.

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