Now this is called good advertising—just as Don Draper intends. To promote Mad Men for the upcoming Emmy race, AMC just released a set of very well done character powers fashioned as ads from the '60s, for everything from sunglasses (Don gets that poster, of course), to hair-dye (Joan, because that red hair is flawless), to gold jewelry (Betty, because...well, mostly because she's standing by a window display of jewelry, actually).  

"In the past, we’ve campaigned for Mad Men by letting the show sell itself," the executive VP of AMC marketing revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. "This year, we wanted to be a little more fun and playful." The network apparently teamed up with a real ad agency—The Martin Agency to, as THR explains, "insert its own photography of the actors into old-timey ads with baiting slogans."

Check out the ads below.

[via Uproxx]