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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who hate Sansa Stark and those who love her. That couldn't have been more evident than in the Twitter responses to last night's episode, "Mockingbird." As usual, Sansa makes all of our lives look awesome. Played by underrated actress Sophie Turner, she's preyed upon by the decades-older Lord Baelish (a man who creepily channels his love for her mother through her), taunted by spoiled Lord Robin (whom she rightfully slaps across the face), and has her life threatened by the obsessive Lady Lysa Aryn, Robin's mom and Baelish's wife who witnesses him kiss Sansa. Side note: Lysa gets her ass handed to her when Baelish shoves her down her own death trap, the moon door, after nearly killing Sansa.

That Sansa Stark is the most polarizing figure on the series has been a fact for awhile now. Some complain that she's whiny, annoying, and empty-headed, always finding herself in the worst situations humanly possible. Because she can't pick up a sword like her younger sister Arya, she's immediately useless. But others, plenty of others, have come to her defense, including the actress who plays her.  "It annoys me that people only like the feminine characters when they act like male characters," says Sophie Turner.

Thinkpieces upon thinkpieces have been written in favor of the red-headed Stark once betrothed to the devil that was King Joffrey, each calling for a reevaluation of the character who, despite being put through several different hells, is still alive. Each ask audiences to appreciate her politeness and kindness, to not mistake it as weakness. The point in every essay being: stop faulting Sansa Stark for being a classically feminine character.

But those clearly haven't changed the minds of an entire audience. The truth is, as the tweets below prove, there will always be Sansa Stark haters. The question is, which side are you on?

People who wouldn't blink if Sansa Stark fell through the moon door:

People who are ready to accept Sansa Stark as their queen:

Bonus, this gem from a few weeks ago that still holds true:

Pick your side in the comments below!

Tara Aquino is the associate editor of Complex Pop Culture. She tweets here.

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