What would your first thoughts be if you turned on your iPhone today and saw this message awaiting you: "Device hacked by Oleg Pliss"?

Then, Oleg Pliss tells you that the only way to unlock your phone is to send him $50 through PayPal. Day ruined, amirite? Well, many people in Australia woke up to that and similar messages this morning after hackers used the Find My Device feature on iPhones, iPads and Macs to lock down the device and send the messages. Word started to spread as people went to Apple support forums and reported their problem. While some users have been able to gain back access to their devices without giving the hacker their lunch money for the week, others are waiting for Apple to find a solution. It isn't clear how the hackers were able to pull this off, but it's thought that they may be using leaked email addresses and passwords from somewhere, and are attacking the people who use the same email and password for their AppleID.

While this hasn't affected anyone in the States yet, this is a good reminder to change your passwords if you use the same one for more than one website.

[via Time]