Last night on Lifetime, Little Women: LA made its series debut. The show is built on the same model as the Real Housewives franchise, the only difference being that instead of entitled and wealthy middle-aged women, the stars are a group of little people.

The show certainly has its share of mundane moments, but a heated conversation about exploitation took things in a much more compelling direction. While there is obviously a good bit of irony here—after all, they’re having the discussion on a show that one could easily argue exploits them—it is nevertheless the kind of conversation that deviates from the typical reality TV parade of horror.

If this is what reality TV can become (i.e., something of substance), then we’re OK with the phenomenon continuing indefinitely. Please, though, no more I Wanna Marry Harry. Just stop.

The video of the argument is here, and you can view the full episode online here.

[via Gawker]