Good news for Last Of Us fans awaiting the PS4's remaster of the game, as creative director Neil Druckmann has confirmed the game's next-gen port will use higher-res character models used during cutscenes in the original PS3 game throughout gameplay in Last Of Us Remastered. Speaking to Edge, Druckmann said that given the PS4's more powerful capabilities, the team can freely use the higher-res models from the original PS3 version's cinematics at all times in the PS4 version of the game, rather than having to resort to lower-res model-swapping tricks to keep things running smoothly on Sony's seventh-gen hardware. While The Last Of Us looked stunning on the PS3, Remastered will also be able to handle improved lighting and other tweaks, though Druckmann has said the game is mostly an improved port designed to give players a better version of the same experience.

Still, when you set the bar as high as Naughty Dog does, this is good news indeed. The Last Of Us Remastered will be out for PS4 this summer.

[Via CVG