Kylie Jenner has certainly had a busy week. After mocking Willow Smith's photo scandal—you know, the one where 13-year-old Willow was photographed hanging in bed with a half-naked, 20-year-old actor—TMZ reports that Jenner tattooed her initials on Lionel Richie's son at an LA recording studio...which, considering that Jenner is only 16, isn't exactly legal. Like, at all.

Lets start at the beginning: In two photos that Jenner recently reblogged to her Tumblr account, she's seen hanging out on a bed with Willow's 15-year-old brother Jaden Smithin one photo, she's hugging him from behind (the caption reads, "*Ksss* Ahhh… 2014,") and in another, she's leaning behind Jaden (the caption for that reads, "Take It Like An Homme 2014"). Both photos were actually taken by the 20-year-old Moises Arias who was photographed in bed with Willow, so it's clear that they're pretty much a direct mocking of the weird situation.


Which brings us to TMZ's video: according to the gossip news site, Jenner was at a recording studio in Hollywood with Khloe KardashianFrench Montana, and Miles Richie. 19-year-old Richie was getting a tattoo from famed tattoo artist John Petro when Jenner stepped in to help Petro tattoo her initials on Richie's hand.

Not a big deal in theory, but considering that California law dictates that you must be over the age of 18 to give tattoos, it's technically illegal, and it doesn't help that it was all caught on video. If authorities choose to pursue charges, Jenner herself could be fined $1000—which, yeah, is chump change to the Kardashians—and also slapped with a misdemeanor. The consequences could be worse for Petro, though: he could lose his license as a tattoo artist.

Check out the video of Jenner tattooing Richie above.

[via TMZ]