If you're not already a devoted fan of Broad City and Key & Peele, perhaps both their flawless Emmy consideration billboards will convert you: Comedy Central just released the images today, which will be displayed in Los Angeles, the city where the number of billboards advertising TV shows and movies nearly outnumbers the population. 

So, what inspired such genius? According to a representative from Comedy Central (via The Hollywood Reporter):

“This seemed like the perfect tone for Key & Peele,” Comedy Central Chief Marketing Officer Walter Levitt tells the Hollywood Reporter. “They’ve received acclaim and haven’t shied away from race.” The Key & Peele billboard will be on display at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. & La Cienega Blvd. Eventually a billboard for freshman series Broad City [will go up, too].

Now, let's all actually take a look at them:

CONVINCING ARGUMENTS. If these shows don't win something, there is something wrong with America.

[via Uproxx]