E-Score, a market research service based out of California, released its list of the most hated men in America on Thursday; and it features a handful of convicted felons, Lindsey Lohan’s dad, and one of the nation’s foremost consumers of prescription-strength cough syrup.

The survey was conducted using data from 1,100 people ages 13-49, with representation across income, age, and education to reflect a cross-section of the United States. The list is as follows (percentages reflecting the number of participants who indicated a dislike for that particular person):

  1. Donald Sterling, 92&
  2. Bernard Madoff, 90%
  3. O.J. Simpson, 88%
  4. Conrad Murray, 88%
  5. Justin Bieber, 86%
  6. Phil Spector, 83%
  7. Aaron Hernandez, 81%
  8. Michael Lohan, 76%
  9. Eiot Spitzer, 73%
  10. Jon Gosselin, 71%

Poor Jon Gosselin can't shake that soccer mom scorn, and Chris Brown's publicist definitely deserves a raise.