There has been very little bad press attached to Warner Brothers’ upcoming Godzilla revival so far, but the monster’s original Japanese fans aren’t happy with one aspect of the character’s design. Apparently, the new and improved Zilla is a bit on the chubby side to those in his home country. Fans on Japan’s largest Internet forum, 2ch (via Kotaku), had this to say about Godzilla’s waistline:

Did he get fat? His neck looks like an American football athlete's.

Is this Sin from Final Fantasy X?

Out of shape Godzilla

He's gone Supersize Me.

That's what happens when all you do is eat and lay around.

Did he gain weight?

He got beefed up from the radiation at Fukushima


He's pudgy and cute.

He looks better than the previous Hollywood Godzilla

He's got no neck...

He looks like a komodo dragon

To be fair, Godzilla is turning 60 this year, so it’s perfectly normal to expect him to get a little soft around the edges. Still, there haven’t been many clear shots of the monster yet, and it's possible that he just hasn't been filmed from a flattering angle so far. 

You’ll be able to fat shame Godzilla all you want when the movie hits theaters on May 16.

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