Two years after its initial announcement, Ivan Orkin will finally open Ivan Ramen in New York City

On May 9, Ivan Ramen (25 Clinton St.) will open on the Lower East Side, featuring a ramen counter and bar brought to life by its Nathan Fox-crafted "Art of the Slurp" mural, which illustrates the proper way to eat ramen. The 60-seat restaurant will also serve a mixture of dishes inspired by Tokyo, as well as New York.

As Grub Street mentions, there's a braised pork dish that, with its dash of umami, is all New York City. The mazemen and all four of its cheeses, on the other hand, is a nod to the dish he serves in Tokyo. 

Still, the ramen bar and the mural are the main attraction and should get plenty of traffic.

[via Grub Street]

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