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A California woman who was kidnapped, held captive and sexually abused for a decade escaped and contacted police on Monday, authorities say. 

According to the Associated Press, the woman said that Isidro Garcia, 41, abducted his former girlfriend's daughter in 2004 and subjected her to 10 years of mental, physical and sexual abuse. The Santa Ana Police Department  says that Garcia, forced the woman,  now 25, to marry him in 2007, adding that she gave birth to his child in 2012. 

Furthermore, the Associated Press said that Garcia worked hard to conceal the woman's identity: 

Police described an ordeal during which the woman — broken through mental, physical and sexual abuse — was moved at least four times and given multiple fake identities to hide her from family and authorities.

The woman, who police did not identify by name, said she often thought about escaping but did not out of fear, even though in recent years she was not physically held captive.

Garcia has been charged with five felonies, including rape and kidnapping to commit a sexual offense.

[via Associated Press]

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