Another day, another rumor, but this one may have some truth behind it.

MacFixit, an Australian site known for leaking iPhone and iPad parts, posted the back casing of what they claim is the iPhone 6. What's interesting about this leak is that it appears that the Apple logo is cut out, which raises the possibility that the company is planning to bring its iconic glowing logo from its MacBook line over to the iPhone. 

While we're just months out until the iPhone is released (at the earliest), and a final design should be getting wrapped up. From Cult of Mac:

The next iPhone is only four months away, which may seem like ages, but on the timetable of Apple’s vast supply chain is actually really close to launch. Not only that, but this shell matches many of the other cases and renders that have been leaked. At this point, we’d say you can consider it confirmed: the iPhone 6 will be larger, thinner, made largely of aluminum, and possibly have a glowing Apple logo on the back. 

So, this could be legitimate. What do you think if Apple brought the glowing logo over?

[via Cult of Mac]