A group of reckless Tennessee teenagers have been served with criminal charges for allegedly starting a food fight that got way out of hand on their high school's "Taco Day."

The showdown—which started as a senior pranktook place at Lebanon, Tenn.'s Wilson Central High School last Friday. "We all stood up and said 'food fight!'" senior Daren Romkee told WSMV last week. However, things escalated rather quickly when students began flipping tables and hurling chairs. 

As a result of the carnage, eight students have been charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct, but the Huffington Post notes that Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan said additional charges are likely. Furthermore, the school is prohibiting some food fight participants from participating in their graduation ceremony. 

That decision has been highly controversial, with many arguing that it's too severe. As a result, select parents plan to meet with the school board today about the matter. The offenders may have ruined the sanctity of "Taco Day," but does the punishment really match the crime?

[via The Huffington Post and WSMV]

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