Blizzard’s strategy card game Hearthstone is slowly taking over the world, prompting millions of players to come to two conclusions.

One: It's incredibly addictive. Two: There are certain cards in this game that cause a very justifiable hissy fit when played.

For the most part, Hearthstone is an exceptionally well-balanced game, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few plays which will make your opponent cry to the skies looking for an answer to this madness. This is right before they concede the game and go outside to punt a puppy.

So whether you’re a curious outsider looking to study Hearthstone before diving in, or a slowly balding veteran just wanting to vent, let’s take a moment to look at 10 of the most annoying cards in Hearthstone.


We know 'Unleash the Hounds' has been nerfed, but we're including it anyway because fuck even the memory of that card.

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