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Before Aaron Taylor-Johnson took over as the hero in the recent Godzilla reboot, the lead role was meant to be played by a woman.

The lack of strong ladies in the film has been noted by many, but it wasn’t always meant to be that way according to director Gareth Edwards. At a press conference in London, he said that “We had a version of the screenplay that had a heroine in the film, but you’ve got to pick a hero and we ended up with a male, and then everything supports the hero in some way.”

Interestingly, he then went on to say that “If we get lucky and there’s a sequel or anything like that, then I very much take [the criticism] on board.” Given that a sequel has already been greenlit, we’ll see if Edwards will actually back up his words.

Of course, you could easily point out that actually the lead character is a woman. After all, enthusiasts are quick to remind us that Godzilla is, in fact, female (the film’s original title was going to be Godzilla: Queen of the Monsters). So take that, critics!

Somehow, though, we don’t think that argument is actually going to cut it.

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