Artist and photographer David Friedman has just re-discovered these Game Boy Camera images of New York City in the year 2000.

Serving as a sort of unearthed archaeological relic, these grainy images manage to capture a very different New York City. According to Friedman's blog, Ironic Sans, the photographer explained where the urge to document the city with a portable gaming device and a primitive photography peripheral came from.

"Back in 2000, I was playing around with a Game Boy Camera, trying to use it to take color photos. When I first got the camera, I took a walk through midtown taking pictures. I just came across the images and thought I’d share them here for posterity (scaled up to 200% for visibility on our fancy modern displays)."

You'll notice, regardless of the low-resolution of the images, the Game Boy Camera still managed to capture something wholly composed and tranquil about a city that has dramatically changed in 14 years.

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[via Creators Project]