After drawing a massive penis in the field where his high school graduation was being held, a Florida teen was banned from the ceremony. Way to leave your mark on the school. 

According to the Tampa Bay Times, administrators at Brooksville, Fla.'s Nature Coast Technical High School were understandably pissed off by the ultimate senior prank, which nearly covers the entire width of the school's football field. After news of the stunt spread via social media, it finally made its way to the top

Principal Toni-Ann Noyes quickly discovered that the act had been perpetrated by a Nature Coast senior who sprayed some type of weed killer on the field about two weeks ago.

"I was very disappointed that someone would do this and not think of the other students and the families that would have to look at this," Noyes told the Times. "He didn't think of the ramifications. He lived in the moment." That's what tends to happen with senior pranks. 

The school tried to cover the giant dick with green paint and a huge "2014," but the memory of the phallic impression remains. For that reason, the unnamed student will not only be barred from walking at graduation, but his family will be responsible for paying for any damages. 

This shall be his legacy.

[via Tampa Bay Times]

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