There's nothing wrong with exhibiting pride for your alma mater, but drunkenly rooting for the football team like it's sophomore year is so, well, sophomoric. Unfortunately, he doesn't care, hitting his favorite bro havens each and every Saturday to watch his alma mater do work against their rivals. Speaking of those rivalries, they get intense, and this dude isn't afraid to go to war (dad jeans that he's too young to be wearing and all) with adversaries who can match his fanaticism. This bloodlust really makes you miss the days when both Duke and Maryland played in the ACC.

Win or loss, he leaves the bar waiting for the next opportunity to do it all over again. Other than furiously masturbating to Kate Upton jpegs, what else would he be doing on a Saturday morning?

1. Dingy, snug-fitting college team’s hat
2. Natty Ice glued to one hand, other fist balled up in celebration (yet ready for potential fight)
3. Plaid shirt worn unbuttoned (because who has the time?) with sleeves rolled up
4. Beer-stained t-shirt  
5. Dad jeans

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