This entitled prick reeks of Affluenza cologne, drops the Johnny Manziel money sign ad nauseam to Drake's "All Me" at parties, and resembles either a strong-ass Andrew Garfield or an inferior Winklevoss sibling. He's muscular from years of crew and lacrosse, will talk your ear off about the money he didn't earn and his trophy, fundraiser jump-off girlfriend will eye-fuck you to the point that it's just uncomfortable because he hasn't "satisfied" her like, ever.

He's the type of person who will bump into you on M Street, not say "excuse me," swell up like he's about that life and swiftly contact authorities when he gets justifiably duffed out. He lives on borrowed time, as you'll only be able to resist the urge not to shove his pocket square down his throat for so long.

1. Hair styled like that of a young James Spader 
2. Salmon shirt
3. Pocket square
4. "Georgetown" pants
5. Loafers worn with no socks 

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