Though its population may not be as robust as New York or Los Angeles, D.C. is home to a variety of people. As with any city, some of those people are amazing, while others are insufferable and suck at life.

Even with its recent growth, D.C. still isn't that large. Unfortunately, this will overexpose you to the myriad of obnoxious douches who dwell in the nation's capital. Due to the District's size, you will run into them and their douchey associates over and over again. If anything, D.C.'s bump in population has literally opened the door for new douches to freely roam the streets.

This Field Guide to D.C. Douchebags will not only help you identify each breed, it will also help you understand their motivations so you're better equipped to handle their bullshit. While some of these douches are not exclusive to D.C., this douche intel will serve you well.

All illustrations done by Justyn Iannucci (@JustynIannucci

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