We’ve finally found it: the worst performance in Family Feud history. Even Steve Harvey can barely believe it. Check out this final round and see what we mean:

First off: huge respect for Tim. This guy is an absolute boss. His unflappable confidence (recall that he thinks he has a 50/50 shot at dating a woman who is a 10) and vigorous celebration were truly inspiring.

Harvey tries to play it cool, prophetically reminding poor Anna that all she needs is 18 measly points to lock up a $20,000 prize for her family. While we obviously have the benefit of hindsight and don’t have to answer these questions basically on reflex, let’s dissect her answers anyway. Note that we gave our thoughts on these before the No. 1 answer was revealed:

  • Four. Really? Where are you pulling this from? The answer has to either be “1,” “5,” or “10.” Most men are either on one extreme of the confidence spectrum, or right in the middle. No shades of grey. 
  • Restaurant. This must be a very bad meal if you’re checking your watch at a restaurant. How about in a meeting? A car? A train? Basically anything where you’re in transit or when being on time is important.
  • Pass. How do you not at least think of cricket? A fly/mosquito would have been a relatively easy choice too. Bottom line, though: you can’t be saying “pass” in this easy a category.
  • Throws up. “Growls” is obvious, so it’s not a surprise she got tripped up when that had already been chosen. But throws up? That’s kind of extreme. Maybe it’s juvenile, but we’re pretty sure “burps” or “farts” would both be on there.
  • Marriage. What does “a married couple might be deeply in marriage” even mean? “Love” was obvious, but this could have been a fun one to get really dark. How about “denial” or “sadness?”

When it was all over, you could tell Anna knew what was coming; the first words out of her mouth once she finished were “that was bad.” We wish we could disagree. But getting shut out when you need only 18 points is an unprecedented disaster in the history of game shows.

The hanging heads of the family while the noise of the buzzer signaling zero points kept ringing is tough to watch. Poor Anna is basically in tears by the end, and honestly, so are viewers nationwide.

Harvey even apologizes, saying “I’m sorry folks” before remarking that this family will be back on a new episode to try to win a new car. Will Anna get a chance to redeem herself? We’ll most definitely be tuning in.

[via UPROXX]