For reasons that aren't difficult to divine, Facebook has dropped its Poke app. The Snapchat-like app, which allowed users to send one another messages and multimedia that would be deleted after up to 10 seconds, was taken out of the iOS app store yesterday. 

The service was launched about a year after Snapchat and didn't manage to make a significant dent in the ephemeral messaging market. Facebook didn't release subscription statistics but Poke dropped out of the top app charts fairly quickly.

In addition to Poke, Facebook has also removed its Camera app from the iOS marketplace. When it was first launched, Camera allowed users to upload multiple images from their smartphone at once. That feature and interface was eventually integrated into the Facebook app, making Camera ultimately redundant.

It was clear that neither Poke nor Camera were a particular priority for Facebook, which is plowing ahead with its sleek, magazine-like Paper app. More changes will likely be afoot.

[via Mashable]