Facebook alerts helped bring back a baby who was kidnapped in Quebec.

The baby was only hours old when a woman impersonating a nurse walked into the hospital and took the newborn. Police immediately posted an alert on Facebook with a security-camera photograph of the suspect and details about her car, and it quickly spread on the social network. It reached a neighbor of the kidnapper, who immediately recognized her and the car, and they called the police. The baby was rescued three hours after it was taken. 

"Every click, every share made the difference," the baby's mother, Melissa McMahon, wrote on her Facebook page. "Four marvellous people, whom we had the chance to meet, identified this woman thanks to Facebook ... We felt a huge amount of support from the public. This victory is for you, too!!!"

"Thirty seconds after [we alerted the authorities], the baby was in the hands of the police," said Melizanne Bergeron, one of the rescuers who recognized the neighbor thanks to the Facebook alert. "It was the best moment in my life. We were crying."

She posted a video of the baby being carried by one of the officers:

[via Fox News]