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While you've been doing your Facebook creeping recently, you might have noticed a new feature pop up when someone hasn't made their relationship status known. 

See that new button? It lets users send a message that asks if someone is single or not. By pressing "Ask," you'll be taken to a window that lets you type in a message before sending it to your potential bae. (See below.)

What's cool about this feature is that it lets the recipient of the message change their relationship status so only you can see it. So, if they're taken by someone already, but they still are interested, you can see when their relationship ends and when you can finally make your move. It also lets the user keep their relationship status private to others, if they so wish.

Still sort of awkward though—just send a girl a private message and start a conversation there. Your chances are probably higher that way. (Just don't go liking their pictures from 2011.)

[via Daily Mail]