Ever since its debut last year, FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics has been at the forefront of the recent Vertigo renaissance. The series takes place in a world where the laws of physics no longer apply to reality, and in an attempt to counteract gravitational disturbances and other anomalies, the government created the Federal Bureau of Physics to stop the world from going haywire. The book’s main character is agent Adam Hardy, who has the brains to save the world but lacks the drive to take his mission seriously.

The series combines the quirky, sci-fi writing of Simon Oliver with the pop art styling of Robbi Rodriguez, making FBP one of the freshest titles on the market. Now, courtesy of Vertigo, we have an exclusive preview for FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #10, which will go on sale May 14. In the description for the issue, Vertigo promises:

The mystery at the heart of the “quantum can opener” is revealed, but it may be too late for Adam and Rosa….