Electronic Arts (EA) has confirmed that Battlefield Hardline is the next Battlefield title set to release this fall. As reported yesterday the military series has gone police-themed. EA says it will reveal more about the new game at the E3 conference next month.

The team based multiplayer will have a cops vs. criminal teams who will battle over heists like breaking in to a bank vault. Or securing stacks of cash.

Meanwhile a trailer using the codename “Omaha” has been leaked online detailing what appears to be very exciting footage from Battlefield Hardline. The video details a complex single-player game that hasn’t been executed in a Battlefield game in a long time. Riffing on current television cop thrillers and created by the makers of Dead Space, Visceral Games, this iteration of Battlefield is a major change for the series. Stay tuned as more details drop today.

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[via Joystiq]

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