Founded: 1964
Location: Milwaukee
Taste: Like being poor 
ABV %: 5.9

Yep, Old Gold made it on this list and Sixpoint Sweet Action didn't. What's your point? Sometimes you've gotta just commit to the type of human being you are and own it. I realized a few years ago that I can no longer hide behind the veil of indie rock and local micro brews. I'm a Jeru and Olde E kinda man. I always have been and I always will be. The taste of this golden beauty is certainly an acquired one, so I understand if most of you don't share my enthusiasm for this trusty brew, but maybe give it a shot. Throw on your best 90s hip-hop playlist and throwback an Olde English tallboy. There's no need to "pour some out for your homies" because that's stupid and a waste of about $0.16 cents.