Dave Franco, who can currently be seen in the hit comedy Neighbors, has landed his first starring role.

He’ll be leading the movie version of The Intern’s Handbook: A Thriller, written by Shane Kuhn. The subject of the book is an intern agency that actually happens to be a front for a network of assassins pursuing high-profile targets. Franco will play the agency’s top man, named John Lago, whose task is to infiltrate a Manhattan law firm and take out one of its partners.

Sony has obtained the film rights to the book, which was released about a month ago. They’ve already got a writer attached, and see it as a potential franchise.

It will be the first work as a lead for Franco, who has been excellent in supporting roles in Neighbors, 21 Jump Street, and Now You See Me. Hopefully fame does not cause him to lose his Instagram self-restraint, like it did with his brother.

[via Vulture]