Wolfenstein: The New Order
Developer: Machine Games
Genre: Shooter
 Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC
Reason To Cop: Alternate history and Nazi killing are married to a surprisingly mature narrative.
Reason to Not Cop It: Shooters don't move the needle for you.
Bottom Line: Seeing Nazis on the Moon during the 1960s is worth the price of admission. Cop immediately.

Wolfenstein is one of the oldest first-person shooters in all of gaming.

Everybody likes killing Nazis. That's what Wolfenstein: The New Order is betting on.
And it's probably a safe bet.
The New Order is the latest sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, the game that start the first-person shooter genre. But as fun as it is making Master Race heads explode, video games are past the point where carnage and vengeance alone can sustain a work of The New Order's magnitude. And it does strive for more in many ways.

Check out the video above for our full review of Bethesda Games' newest entry into the Wolfenstein mythos.

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