As hard as it may be, it’s time to face reality. Chelsea Lately is ending, and now we know when.

E! announced last night that the popular talk show will air its final episode on August 26 in a special hour-long finale. Host Chelsea Handler and the network have not always gotten along, especially lately, and by no means does the end of this particular show mean she is done hosting. Rumors are already swirling about her next move, although nothing is confirmed as of yet.

In a statement, Handler said:

“I myself am more surprised than anyone that I was able to hold down a job for seven years, and it was a fantastic seven years. I will always look back at my time on E! as most people look back at their time in college. I’m glad I went.”

Lukewarm praise for sure, but given the acrimony she clearly has for the network, this is probably as sentimental as it’s going to get. E! was a bit kinder, saying:

“We are very proud of ‘Chelsea Lately’s’ long-running success and the unique space that the series carved out in late-night television. Chelsea brought a distinct voice to late night with her acerbic wit and fearless commentary, and we look forward to providing fans with a memorable sendoff that lives up to that tradition. Most of all, we are grateful to the ‘Chelsea Lately’ team for making this show so special for seven years.”

What E! will do (if anything) to replace Handler remains to be seen. Maybe Chuy gets his own show? Or is that too much to ask?

[via Vulture]