Though most people know him for the superhero blockbusters Iron Man and Iron Man 2, director Jon Favreau first got his start on the indie scene, making a name for himself with films like Swingers and Made. While his big-budget outings are all well and good, it's really the smaller, more intimate films where folks get to see Favreau at his best and most inspired. His latest film, Chef, falls into that camp.

The film follows Carl Casper (Favreau), a chef who's lost his creative juices due to being forced to cook the same boring meals in the restaurant where he works. He yearns for an opportunity to really create something unique and original. When Carl tries to put his own spin on the menu though, he ends up out of a job. His next move: starting a food truck business in order to re-discover his passion for cooking, assisted by his son, Percy (Emjay Anthony), and fellow co-worker/friend Martin (John Leguizamo).

Last week, our friends over at We Got This Covered sat down with Favreau and Leguizamo in New York City. They discussed what it's like switching from big-budget projects to indies and the difficulties of balancing commercial and artistic sensibilities.

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