Last night Charlize Theron made her return as host of Saturday Night Live for the first time in 14 years with musical guest the Black Keys. 

The most shocking part of that statement is that Charlize Theron is 14 years older, because she looks exactly the same as she did last time she hosted in 2000 and made the classic Gemini's Twin sketch below (which got a shout out in last night's monologue).  

The Oscar-winning actress started things off with that ho-hum monologue in which she poked fun at her awful singing ability (by singing a song about it), but things got much funnier when she sat down with the Girlfriend's Talk Show as a creepy teacher, competed in a Mother's Day game show and stood next to an exploding whale carcass at a beach party. 

Here are the best sketches from SNL hosted by Charlize Theron:

Girfriend's Talk Show

Girlfriend's Talk Show never disappoints, but Theron's creepy acting teacher, Miss Christine, who was once spotted "dancing for a man at Ruby Tuesdays," and who apparently wrote a middle school version of "The Vagina Monologues" titled "The 'Giney Monologues," was probably her best character of the night. 

Mother's Day Game Show

It wouldn't be May without the obligatory Mother's Day sketch on SNL, but this sketch with siblings playing for the prize of having their mother delete her Facebook page by answering questions from her such as 'Who's that Guy I like?," "Who in Hollywood do I think is Gay?," and "Which race of fellas did your father insult while we were eating at a Chinese restaurant?", was really well written. 

Bikini Beach Party

This parody of 60s surfer movies will probably get slammed for being a long setup for one hilarious moment, but Taran Killam yelling "I"m blind with whale guts!" is the best quote of this episode, (and probably this season) period. 

[via NBC]