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A substitute teacher at a Bronx public school was fired for allegedly seeking dating advice from her fourth-grade students. 

According to DNAinfo, 45-year-old Cassandre Fiering's substitute teacher role at P.S. 189 was terminated by the Department of Education last December after students said she asked them to help her decide between her two suitors. Last June, Fiering, who also acts, reportedly went as far setting up scenarios where she would pretend to be the two men, while the students would portray her. 

The more troubling potential mate was a mechanic whose indifference drove her insane: 

She complained that the younger boyfriend, a mechanic in Rhode Island, didn’t return her phone calls, according to the report.

Students told investigators she called them her “munchkins” and asked her to toilet paper the mechanic’s home, according to the report.

The report says Fiering hugged one student, tapped another on his shoulder and touched the thighs of two other students.

For the record, the students insisted that Fiering drop the younger man. She told DNAinfo she never touched any of the students inappropriately and that they were eager to help her, adding that she kept all of the conversations "G-rated." She also told Gothamist that officials provided an incorrect account of what happened in addition to straying from ethical practices: 

We spoke with Fiering, who told us the Special Commissioner of Investigation's report is an erroneous account of what transpired in June, and that she was interrogated by investigators in a car outside a school in Brooklyn months later without a union representative present.

Still, the fact that she needed children with far less life experience to tell her the obvious is the true crime.

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